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Repair Clamps, Tapping Sleeves, & Service Saddles

SLC is one of the largest stocking distributors of water & sewer main repair clamps, couplings and pipe adapters. We specialize in having what you need, when you need it. All stainless single band, double band, tapped and removable bolt models available in popular and uncommon sizes. Looking for something specific? Contact us, chances are SLC has it in stock and available for immediate pick up, delivery or shipment.

Popular with many water departments, the Ford FS1 single band all stainless steel repair clamp is our #1 seller. FS1 is available for 3"-12" Ductile Iron, C900 and Steel pipe. When super range is needed, ask about the FS2 all stainless steel double band repair clamp for pit spun or rough barrel Cast Iron and Transite / AC pipe. Ford service saddles are used to install corporation stops on virtually all types of water main pipe including iron, PVC, and asbestos-cement. Tapping sleeves of fabricated steel and stainless steel complete the Ford line of tapping devices.

Is SLC installing new meters in your community?

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