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Meter Reading goes Mobile with ORION®

Badger Meter offers three AMR/AMI hardware solutions for water and gas utilities as part of the ORION product family. These proven hardware solutions are all part of a comprehensive Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) system.

Endpoint Solutions

  • ORION SE – Collects meter readings and enhances operations via a two-way fixed network (AMI) system
  • ORION ME – Migratable two-way mobile (AMR) system that can be upgraded to a two-way fixed network (AMI) system
  • ORION CE – Built for reliability and flexibility, this one-way mobile (AMR) system utilizes bubble-up (broadcast) technology







ORION®  systems are designed to grow at your pace. You can start with a handheld then quickly and seamlessly upgrade to a mobile drive-by or full fixed network solution when needed.  

Built on the successful ORION platform, ORION ME with two-way communication provides a migratable mobile to fixed network solution without visiting each endpoint.


  • Proactive system analysis through current reading data from each endpoint broadcast
  • Built-in technology allows conversion to fixed network configuration if and when you need it
  • Trusted and proven AMR/AMI technology
  • Unlicensed, regulated FCC operation