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Certified NSF 61 Lead Free


SLC Meter offers a comprehensive commercial and industrial water meter product line from Badger that includes Recordall Disc, Turbo, Compound, Hydrant, Fire service, Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic meters. 5/8"- 2" meters are available in the Recordall Disc and E-Series Ultrasonic models. 1 1/2"- 12" are offered in a variety of measuring principles;

1 1/2" - 12" Recordall® Turbo Series Meters

2"-8" Compound Series meters

3"-12" M-Series Electromagnetic

3"-12" FST - Fire Service Turbos

4"-12" FSA - Fire Service Assemblies (compounds) 

All Badger C & I meters are available in a variety of types and styles with various registers including Badger Direct Read, RTR, ADE and HR solid state encoders. All Badger meters can be upgraded for use with Orion and Galaxy radio read systems.   




Solid State High Resolution Encoder (HRE-LCD)                             High Resolution Digital Encoder (HR-E)                         Recordall Transmitter register (RTR)


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